About the Dunwoody Mikvah

The Dunwoody Mikvah blends ancient and hallowed Jewish tradition with contemporary living. The building includes a modern, luxurious Mikvah. It is located in an attractive and dignified setting to privately fulfill the tradition of family purity, a core component of Jewish life.

Care was taken that the design and materials be of aesthetic quality, safety and efficiency, as well as ease of maintenance. Every effort is made to ensure that the Mikvah experience is everything that it is meant to be— a beautiful, quiet and spiritual experience; preparing a woman to return to her home happy, tranquil and fulfilled.

With a membership of over 180 full and associate member families, Ariel is a full-service synagogue offering daily morning and evening minyonim, beginners service, junior congregation, youth programs, young couples groups, Hebrew School, Chevra Kaddisha, and a variety of educational, social, and religious programs. The ruach at Ariel each day is very special.

The Dunwoody Mikvah operates on Mikvah visit fees and donations from the community.


About our Team

Attendant: Mora Dena (If you need to contact Morah Dena her number is
Rabbinical Advisor: Rabbi Friedman
Presidents: Carla Hotz and Robyn Regenbaum
For Appointments: Carla Hotz (678) 549-6482
Treasurer: Kim Cohen